Test Ethernet Communication on Arria V GX FPGA Tutorial

Thank you to Sarthak Bansal, one of my REUs, for figuring all of this out and teaching me how to run the test! If you have been trying to test Ethernet communication using Intel’s “Single-Port Triple-Speed Ethernet and On-Board PHY Chip Reference Design” and can’t seem to get it to work, here is your solution!Continue reading “Test Ethernet Communication on Arria V GX FPGA Tutorial”

Oakland 2020: Thoughts on a Virtual Conference by a Michigan EECS Graduate Student

IEEE Security and Privacy 2020 was as good as I could have hoped for as a rising second-year graduate student in embedded security research. While nothing will beat the perks of in-person conferences, this was still a beneficial learning experience. Like all things that have moved online as a result of the pandemic, there wereContinue reading “Oakland 2020: Thoughts on a Virtual Conference by a Michigan EECS Graduate Student”

Let me Introduce Myself

Hey y’all! Welcome to my blog! I’m a graduate student in computer engineering and even though I’ve only made it though my first year, I have learned more than I could have imagined. My advisor recommended I start a blog, to organize my thoughts and get writing practice. I was very reluctant to do soContinue reading “Let me Introduce Myself”

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