Let me Introduce Myself

Hey y’all! Welcome to my blog! I’m a PhD graduate student in computer engineering and even though I’ve only made it though my first year, I have learned more than I could have imagined. My advisor recommended I start a blog, to organize my thoughts and get writing practice. I was very reluctant to do so at first but I thought, can’t hurt to try! So here we are.

My idea for this blog is to be an update on cool things I’ve learned approximately every other week. All posts will be related to computer engineering but that might be the only commonality at the moment. As I advance in my studies, I hope to narrow my research topic and find my true interest and in turn narrow the focus of this blog.

The main reason I have decided to make a public blog as opposed to a personal journal is because maybe someone, somewhere will learn something new. I am no stranger to spending hours searching Google for some obscure topic that seems to be described in only one research paper that’s impossible to understand. My hope is that my blog can provide an easy-to-read source of information that is otherwise too technical for a non-expert.

If any of my research interests interest you as well, please reach out. I am always looking for new collaborators and new directions!

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